Bear Fetish Spirit Stone 5 inch Carving Rock Travertine Arizona L1

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Bear Spirit Stone Stone Carving

Beautiful Spirit Stone (aka Yavapai Travertine) comes from near Mayer, Arizona.

This is called Spirit Stone by the Navajo Native Americans, because they believe history is told in its layers.

This hand crafted Spirit Stone stone bear carving is 5 inches long, 3.5 inches high, and more than 1 inch thick.

It does have a natural vug or pocket that goes all the way through.

Travertine is formed near hot springs. When the pressure which forced the water to the surface is released, the water evaporates and the calcium carbonate settles, forming the mineral Aragonite. As water seeps through, the mineral grows stronger and more durable and the rock becomes Travertine. 

This is modeled after the Zuni Fetish Bear - among Native American people the bear is regarded as a symbol of strength. Often small carved bears, called fetishes, are carried by Native Americans for protection. This is not actually carved by a Zuni artist.