Bear Serpentine Augite Stone 5 inch Carving Decorator Rock Arizona L2

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Bear Serpentine & Augite Stone Carving

This hand crafted Serpentine and Augite bear is 5 inches long, 3.5 inches high, and more than 1 inch thick.

This apple green/yellow Serpentine mixed with black and gray Augite is a metamorphic rock. It was formed when water from magmas metamorphosed previous igneous or sedimentary rocks.

The material is from the Tonto National Forest in Arizona.

Serpentine is said to owe its name either to its serpent-like colors and patterns or from an old belief that the stones were effective protection from snake bites.

Metaphysical Properties: Serpentine is soothing to the emotional body, allowing one to release fear of change or hardship and to look forward to the future with expectation and excitement.

This is modeled after the Zuni Fetish Bear - among Native American people the bear is regarded as a symbol of strength. Often small carved bears, called fetishes, are carried by Native Americans for protection. This is not actually carved by a Zuni artist.