Bismuth Mineral Specimen Stone Iridescent Crystal #8

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Bismuth Crystal Mineral Specimen Man-made

This lovely Bismuth mineral specimen is 1.25 inch by 1.25 inch and about .75 inch thick.   

This is a sparkly, man-made in the USA, Bismuth crystal mineral specimen. 

It could be set in your custom designed set or wire wrapped jewelry piece.

Bismuth is a natural ore that is actually more abundant than gold.  Bismuth is one of the few materials that has a greater density as a liquid than as a solid.  It is used in lots of products from fishing weights, to cosmetics to medicine. 

When Bismuth is melted and re solidifies it forms these awesome crystals. 

The iridescent rainbow colors are caused by light scattering off thin layers of bismuth oxide formed when the surface of the hot bismuth reacts with the air.

Metaphysical Properties:  Bismuth is believed to help one simply enjoy the journey of life!