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Posted by oakrocks on 4th Aug 2017

When you have an online rockshop where you have all things lapidary rock related (rough rock, cabochons, stone eggs and stone spheres, stone animal carvings, fossils, minerals, etc.) it can be very difficult to figure out how to promote it on google so that people searching for rockshops or rocks and minerals will find you.

I have a website,, that specializes in stone cabochons. It is a very specialized field and everything I write uses the word cabochon or some variation like stone cabochon or gemstone cabochon. But on this site I carry a variety of rock related items and it is harder to know what to concentrate on.

What I recommend is that you use the Google Keyword Planner. You can have them search your website for suggested keywords, or you can test a word like “rocks” and see how often on average someone searches for it and how high is the competition for the word. Google will also give a long list of what it thinks are related terms and what their stats are. These can be funny sometimes, because even though google thinks it knows what we are thinking, there definitely are not any Lapidary enthusiasts running their search engines.

The harder part is getting into the heads of your customers and knowing how they would search. Do people look for rock and mineral glossary, rock and mineral terms, or definition of rocks and minerals?

If I write a great article on the origin of rock names will people find it? Does anybody even search for that information? Obviously once they find it customers might be very happy because they might learn a lot about how rocks and minerals get their names. But do they know before they see it that they might be interested in that information?

At the top of my page is a category List of Rocks with lots of general articles about various varieties of semi precious gemstones. You can learn more about agates, or obsidians, or even copper gemstones.  But how do I get people to find it?  List of Semi Precious Stones? Types of Rocks, rock Information, Rock Definitions?  How would you search if you wanted that information?  If I search for "copper gemstones" I do appear on page 2-yay!

Of course even if you know all the right words people will use to search for your items, there is so much competition out there, how do you get to the coveted first page of google? The rock and mineral business is a small niche market, and good quality polished rocks and stones, as well as cabbing rough rock and slabs, etc. are hard to find. But truthfully google has no idea how to rate the information or sites. I actually searched for “Leopard Skin Jasper Egg” once. I have Leopard Skin Jasper eggs on my website. I didn’t show up until page 4 and not ONE of the listings above mine had an actual Leopard Skin Jasper egg!!

I hope someday google actually gets a little more intelligent in their quest to tell us what we are looking for. But in the meantime I will have to keep writing blogs like this in order to try to get my keywords out there.  ;)

Here at Oakrocks I have a great online rockshop with lots of rough and polished rocks for sale!  Come on in and look around.

Happy hunting!