Unique and Special Stocking Stuffers for all Ages

Unique and Special Stocking Stuffers for all Ages

Posted by OakRocks on 6th Oct 2015

If you are like me, your favorite part of gift giving at Christmas is stockings. 

Though my kids are all grown up, I still stuff a stocking for each of them. I like to include really unusual stuff, and of course some joke items.

I spend all year searching for just the right items. Especially since I can get carried away, but I like to keep the items, and the total, within a certain price range. So if you are looking for unique and special items to toss into a special Christmas stocking for a young boy or girl, or a man or women of any age, here are some things you can find on this site:

Gemstone Animal Carvings - small enough to fit into a stocking, but these also make great gifts for anybody who collects a certain animal or loves a certain animal. I have lots of carvings from $20.00 to $6000.00 for a stunning Labradorite horse carving (would fit into a stocking, but WOW!). How about a horse for your horse loving daughter?

Horse Carving

Drilled Stone Bead Pendants – Starting as low as $10.00 each, these semi-precious gemstones are drilled with holes for stringing on your own cord or wire.

Quartz Crystal Pendulums – An unusual metaphysical crystal with healing powers.

Semi-Precious Gemstone Egg Carving - Though really perfect for Easter, I have stone eggs starting at just $9 each, with lots of beautiful varieties available for $20.00 or less.

Gemstone egg

Fossils – A unique gift for anybody!I have several starting at just $5 each. 

Polished Rocks – How exciting would it be to pull out a beautiful and shiny rock from your stocking on Christmas morning!  We have a huge variety, with quite a few under $20.00.  Iridescent tumbled Labradorites, geodes with crystals inside, and polished stone slabs for display too.

Semi-Precious Gemstone Seashell Carvings – Truly unique! Seashells carved from semi-precious gemstone materials.

Semi-Precious Gemstone Spheres – We also have spheres carved from a variety of beautiful gemstone materials.  We have some small marble sized ones starting at just $10.00 each.

Gemstone Sphere

If you click on any of our categories above, you can then click on "Sort By" on the upper right and sort by "Price Low to High" to look for the least expensive items.

Though written specifically to give ideas for stocking stuffers, here at we have lots of unique and beautiful items that would make very special christmas or Hanaka gifts for those hard to buy people.  

From unique gemstone boxes or bookends, to crystals or meditation stones.  Check Them out!

You can also check out our etsy shop!

And no matter what you celebrate we wish you all a very happy and safe holiday season.