Blue Stone Egg Angelite 2 inch Polished Rock 50 mm Peru #2

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Angelite Egg Polished Stone Rock

This beautiful Angelite gemstone egg is 50 mm or 2 inches in height.

This material has natural white spots. In addition to some small ones this stone egg has 2 larger ones-one seen in the second picture and one on the very bottom.

Lovely steel gray/blue Angelite from Peru. Angelite is the common name for Anhydrite. It is a sedimentary mineral that forms in massive rock layers. It is the form of calcium sulfate containing no water in its crystal structure.

The name 'angelite' comes from the Greek 'anhydras' meaning 'without water'.

Metaphysical Properties of Angelite: Angelite is said to bring serenity, inner peace, and a sense of calm.