Citron Chrysoprase Lapidary Stone Slab Lemon Yellow Rough Rock #O13

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Citron Chrysoprase Unpolished Stone Slab Rough Rock

This lovely yellow Citron Chrysoprase unpolished stone slab is 5.9 inches by 3.9 inches and it is 6 mm thick. 

It weighs .40 lbs. and is shown wet in the first 2 pictures.

This lapidary material, known as Lemon or Citron Chrysoprase for its lemon yellow color, comes the Eastern Goldfields area of from Western Australia.

Though named "Chrysoprase", it is actually a magnesite. The color is very pale yellow, (slightly greenish).

It is found in a belt of rocks that stretch from Norseman in the south to near Wiluna in the north. It occurs in many of the same locations as that of the well known green chalcedony named Chrysoprase, most notably Yerilla , Marshall Pool & Goongarrie but in numerous other places as well.

Citron Chrysoprase occurs as veins & plates but also commonly occurs in nodular form, quite often exceeding many tons in weight for a single nodule.

Usually the interiors of these large nodules are of lighter color & porous which makes them unsuitable for gem cutting.

It is named for the French word for lemon which is "citron" .

Metaphysical Properties of Citron Chrysoprase: Citron Chrysoprase is said to be a soothing stone for those suffering from heartache. It can help to release emotional tension and stress, clarify problems, and works well with other stones by increasing the other stone's healing properties.