Devalite Seashell Stone Carving Serpentine & Augite 2.75 inch Rock Arizona #1

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Serpentine & Augite Stone Seashell Carved Rock Shell

This beautiful Devalite hand carved troca or turban seashell is 2.75 inches tall, about 2.75 inches wide at the base. Very unusual and pretty!

This apple green/yellow Serpentine mixed with black and gray Augite is a metamorphic rock. It was formed when water from magmas metamorphosed previous igneous or sedimentary rocks.

The material is from the Tonto National Forest in Arizona.

Serpentine is said to owe its name either to its serpent-like colors and patterns or from an old belief that the stones were effective protection from snake bites.

Devalite is named after the Deva spirits of nature.

Metaphysical Properties:  Devalite is said to have a strong connection with nature and resonates with those that love nature. It is also said to be a tonic for the emotional body and can assist in releasing long held disharmonies. Devalite is said to encourage enthusiasm for life, kindness and truthfulness.