Elephant Figurine Mookaite Jasper Animal Carving 3 inch #O9

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Elephant Figurine Carved Stone Animal 

 This hand carved stone elephant figurine is carved from Mookaite Jasper and is 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide and almost 2.25 inches tall.

 This one does have natural surface flaws.

 Mookaite Jasper (sometimes misspelled Mookite) is a colorful Jasper from Western Australia.

 Mookaite is named for where is was first found on Mooka Station (a sheep farm of around 700,000 acres), on the west side of the Kennedy Range in Western Australia.

 Metaphysical Properties of Mookaite Jasper: Mookaite is said to help counter the effects of aging!

The Elephant is a symbol of commitment, strength, and power. The elephant attains old age and with it, wisdom and long memory. The Elephant is considered a strong symbol of luck in Thailand. The Hindu god of wisdom and success, Ganesha, is usually depicted with an elephant's head.