Fiber Optic Rough Small Slab Knapper Cabbing Aqua Blue Glass

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Small Aqua Blue Fiber Optic Rough Rock Chunk Knapper for Cabbing or Knapping

This rough slab is a Cat's Eye chatoyant manmade Fiber Optic glass material.

Fiber Optics is the thin fibers used in telephone technology, millions of them have been meshed together to form a glass material that cuts easily and takes a great polish!

When cut the material "reflects" an inner light that moves when you move your piece. The light appears as a slit in the center, hence the term "Cat's Eye".

These pieces are about 3 inches long by 22 mm or less than 1 inch wide and almost .5 inch thick (11 mm). They weigh about .10 lbs. You will not get the one pictured-but they are closely matched and I will choose for you.