Fish Fossil Knightia Eocaena 7 inch Fossil Lake Green River Wyoming #5

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Natural Green River Fossil Fish

This larger Knightia Eocaena plate is 7 inches by 4.5 inches and 1/3 inch thick.

The fossil fish is about 6 inches long. It weighs almost 1 lbs.

Fossil Butte National Monument was established in Wyoming in 1972 and covers 3 lakes. These lakes covered Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado 50 million years ago. The sediments deposited by these lakes became the rock comprising the Green River Formation.

Fossil Lake, in southwest Wyoming, covered the smallest area and deposited the least sediment. These sediments however, have the greatest fossil concentration in the area.

The material is thin layers of Limestone. Five areas are collected commercially in private beds. The Knightia Eocaena is the most abundant fossil fish found there.

This fossil is from the Eocene period.

Metaphysical Properties of Fossils: Fossils can help increase accomplishments in the area of business and add excellence to one's environment. They also aid one in being open to change and new ideas.