Gemstone Boxes

Our natural semiprecious stone jewelry boxes are all handcrafted.

Each side is carefully slabbed and polished, then they must be assembled.

On occasion we all need to be reminded of the blessings in our lives. Purchase a small box handcrafted from a variety of lovely gemstone materials, write all the blessings in your life on small scraps of paper and put them in your Blessing Box. Keep your Natural Stone Box near your bed or on your desk. When you are feeling stressed, depressed, disappointed, angry or just down, open the stone box and remind yourself of all the good things you have!

As only natural stone materials are used-each Gemstone Box is unique. Though mostly small-they are perfect for jewelry-earrings, rings, etc., for pills, or for other small treasures. 

Collecting Natural Stone Boxes is a time honored tradition.

What better way to show off that special picture of someone you love then in a unique handcrafted natural stone picture frame?