Gemstone Buddhas

Each semi precious gemstone Buddha figurine carving is handcrafted and unique because they are carved from a variety of natural stone materials.

Siddhrtha Gautama was a spiritual teacher from ancient India and the founder of Buddhism. Buddhists generally recognize him as the Supreme Buddha. It is believed he was born as a royal prince sometime in the sixth century BC in what is now known as Nepal. According to tradition, the Buddha emphasized ethics and spiritual understanding. He questioned the average person's notions of divinity and salvation.

The Buddhist system of insight and meditation is not believed to have been revealed through a God, but by the understanding of the true nature of the mind, which must be discovered by personally treading a spiritual path guided by the Buddha's teachings.

"Buddha" means "Awakened One", or "Enlightened One”, someone who has awakened from the sleep of ignorance and sees things as they really are. Every living being has the same basic wish – to be happy and to avoid suffering. Even newborn babies, animals, and insects have this wish. People spend their whole life working hard to fulfill this wish.

Buddha believed that could be achieved through learning the 4 Noble Truths. #1 There is Suffering, #2 Suffering has an Origin, #3 Suffering can Cease, and #4 There is a Path that Leads to the Cessation of Suffering.

Our lovely gemstone Buddha statue carvings will help you along your path of enlightenment and the search for happiness!