Gemstone Seashell Carving Chrysocolla Malachite 2 inch Arizona #1

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Chrysocolla Malachite Stone Seashell Carving

This small Chrysocolla-Malachite seashell carving is hand-cut and 2 inches long by 1.25 inches wide and 1 inch thick. It is gorgeous!

The deep blue of Chrysocolla, a copper silicate, blends well with other copper ores, such as green Malachite. This material is found in the oxidation zone of copper deposits. Gemstone quality is found primarily in Arizona, the leading copper producing state. Copper was discovered in Arizona in the 1700's. This material came from the Bagdad Copper Mine in Arizona.

Chrysocolla is known as a healing stone among Native American Indian cultures where it was used for strengthening the body's resistance and bringing about calm feelings where there is upset.

Metaphysical properties: Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, increased wisdom, discretion. It promotes level headedness, encouraging clarity of thought and a neutral, cool attitude during turbulence. It can be used to decrease nervousness and irritability.