Hand Carved 6 Tiny Pigs 1 inch Animal Figurine Carving Print Stone

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6 Baby Pigs Stone Animal Carvings

Get six cute Print Stone custom hand carved tiny baby piggies that are 1 inch long by .5 inches wide and .75 inch tall.

You won't get the ones pictured-you will get 6 similar carvings.

Print Stone is a silicated sandstone from Australian. It has a great banded pattern. Print Stone is found in the Hamersley Ranges near the iron ore mining town of Tom Price in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Sandstones are clastic in origin (as opposed to organic, like chalk and coal, or chemical, like gypsum and jasper). The formation of sandstone involves two principal stages. First, a layer or layers of sand accumulates as the result of sedimentation, either from water (as in a river, lake, or sea) or from air (as in a desert). Typically, sedimentation occurs by the sand settling out from suspension, i.e. ceasing to be rolled or bounced along the bottom of a body of water (e.g. seas or rivers) or ground surface (e.g. in a desert or sand dune region). Finally, once it has accumulated, the sand becomes sandstone when it is compacted by pressure of overlying deposits and cemented by the precipitation of minerals within the pore spaces between sand grains.