Hippopotamus Figurine Carving Kabamba Jasper Stone Statue #O182

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Hippopotamus Figurine Carving Kabamba Jasper Stone Fetish

This hand carved green stone hippo or hippopotamus figurine is 6 inches long and 2.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall. 

The hippopotamus is carved from Kabamba Jasper and it weighs 2.2 lbs.

Kabamba Jasper is green orbicular rock from the South Africa Rift on the west side of the island of Madagascar.

This stone is also sold under the names Kambaba Jasper, Kambamba Jasper, and Crocodile Jasper or Crocodile Rock.

Kabamba Jasper is actually a volcanic Rhyolite rock with black orbs or rounded aggregates that consist of needles of amphiboles.

Metaphysical Properties: Kabamba Jasper is said to be deeply soothing to the mind and the nervous system.

The Hippopotamus  is associated with birth, motherhood and the protection of the young. Tauret was a goddess of childbirth, nurturing and protection. She was depicted as a pregnant hippopotamus.

The hippo can teach you how to move through the emotional waters and keep in touch with your intuition, while remaining grounded, practical and stable.

The hippopotamus is sacred in Egyptian and African traditions. Its name means "Water Horse," and it spends most of its day in water.