Lapidary Rough Rock Owyhee Jasper Unpolished Stone Slab Idaho #O3

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Owyhee Jasper Rough Rock Stone Slab

This is a small unpolished natural rough rock stone slab of Owyhee Picture Jasper.

The lapidary rough rock slab is just 4.7 inches by 1.3 inches and 6 mm thick.

It weighs .10 lbs. and is shown wet in the 2nd picture.

Owyhee Picture Jasper (pronounced Oh-WAH-hee), comes from the Owyhee mountain area situated on the Idaho-Oregon border.

Owyhee Jasper is another one of the very popular semi precious gemstone picture jaspers used for designer cabochons, because it is known for its depictions of mountain or desert scenery!

Metaphysical Properties: Picture Jaspers can help bring balance to your life.