Large Decorator Rock Egg Rhyolite 6 inch Stone Carving Utah #O11

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Rhyolite 6 inch Stone Egg  Large Decorator Rock

This extra large Rhyolite gemstone egg has beautiful orange and white swirls. The hand carved egg is 6 inches in height by 4 inches wide.

Rhyolite is an extrusive igneous rock formed as a deposit of volcanic ash. The ash becomes rock after being exposed to extreme heat and pressure. Iron oxide stains create the beautiful patterns.

The name comes from the Greek word "rhyx" meaning "to flow" because the rock shows flow structure formed when it was molten lava. The material is ground smooth, but does not take a polish. It comes from Utah.

Metaphysical Properties of Rhyolite: Rhyolite is said to encourage change and creativity.