Large Stone Sphere Arizona Pietersite 4 inch Rock Mineral Ball

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Rare Arizona Pietersite 4 inch Stone Sphere Decorator Rock!

This is an awesome, hand cut and about 4 inches in diameter, RARE Arizona Pietersite stone sphere.

This semi precious stone material is known as Tiger-eye too, but we like to call it Pietersite because that is a trade name given to high grade Tiger-eye. 

It is different from the Pietersite found in Russia, China, or South Africa-but just as unique and pretty. 

This semi precious gemstone material is not the same as the original Pietersite found in Africa, or the different material also known as Pietersite found in China. This gemstone material is actually Serpentine and comes in several varieties-from gold to root beer to silver flash, and from green to brown Serpentine.

Serpentine was produced when water from magmas changed igneous rocks.