Large Stone Sphere Arizona Pietersite 5 inch Rock Mineral Ball #O

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Rare Large 5 inch Arizona Pietersite Sphere Decorator Rock

This is an awesome, large, hand cut semiprecious stone sphere of RARE Arizona Pietersite and it is 5 inches in diameter.

This unique sphere weighs 7.5 pounds!

This green and brown gemstone material is known as Arizona Tiger-eye too, but we like to call it Arizona Pietersite because that is a trade name given to high grade Tiger-eye. 

 This one has stunning gold flash when you move it around in bright lights.

It is obviously different from the Pietersite found in Russia, China, or South Africa-but just as unique and pretty. 

This lapidary stone material is actually Serpentine and comes in several varieties-from gold to root beer to silver flash, and from green to brown Serpentine.

Serpentine was produced when water from magmas changed igneous rocks.