Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal Raw Schorl Mineral Specimen Rock #O1

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Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal Raw Rough Schorl Mineral Specimen Rock

This beautiful natural Black Tourmaline Crystal is 2.1  inches tall by 4.1 inches by 4.1 inches and was found in Madagascar.

This gorgeous raw piece weighs 2.8 lbs.!

Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral.

Tourmaline gemstones are found in a very wide variety of over 100 different hues or colors.

Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl.

The name Tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word turmali, meaning mixed, due to it often being confused with other gemstones.

Metaphysical Properties: Black Tourmaline is said help purify the body of toxins and waste. It is believed to help one break free of obsessive or compulsive behaviors and release anxiety and worry.