ONE Quartz Crystal Pendulum Power Healing Stone Rock

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ONE Optically Clear Crystal Quartz Hand Carved Healing Stone Faceted Pendulum

This listing is for ONE optically clear Quartz rock crystal gem from Brazil, hand carved or faceted into a pointed pendulum hanging on a silver 6.5 inch chain.

These healing stones are all at least 1 inch to about 1.25 inches long and about .75 inch thick. They have 6 faceted sides.

I have several of these and I will choose for you!

The name "crystal" comes from the Greek for "ice", as it was believed that rock crystal was water eternally frozen.

Optically clear does not mean it has no inclusions. It means that the crystal is not milky or cloudy at all. These great hand faceted pendulums have a few very tiny inclusions-but are pretty clean and VERY clear!

Pendulums have been used for since ancient times as "divining" or "dowsing" tools to find water, gold, oil, etc. It is one of the oldest and simplest methods people use to guide them towards treasures or answers. Scientific research says the pendulum responds to electromagnetic energy that radiates from everything on earth. A famous pendulum invented by Charles Foucald uses vibration frequencies to trace out the earth's rotation in sand. Many famous people in history used pendulums: Leonardo DiVinci, Albert Einstein, even General George Patton! In France the pendulum was once used for medical diagnoses. In the Vietnam War, U.S. Marines were taught to use pendulums to locate mines and tunnels. American pendulist Verne Cameron, who successfully located on a map every submarine in the US fleet, was forbidden to leave the United Sates in the 1960's, because the CIA saw him as a national security risk!

You will get a pendulum and instructions on how to use it with your purchase!

Metaphysical properties of Quartz Crystals: The mineral Quartz is said to help structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy, which includes thoughts, emotions and information.