Petrified Paleosmunda Wood Sphere 1.25 inch Australia Fossil 30 mm #2

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Paleosmunda Petrified Wood Stone Sphere Marble

This hand cut Paleosmunda sphere or marble is only 30 mm or 1.19 inches in diameter. It does have natural pits and fracture lines.

Lovely and very rare Paleosmunda is a primitive member of the Osmundoidae from the Permian Period (approximately 290 million years old) found in Central Queensland, Australia. It is a fern, species: Paleosmunda williansoni.

From the Paleozoic Era, this gemstone is the fossilized stone of Osmunda fern leaves and stems. The stone formed when a fern died and was buried by sediments. Minerals in the groundwater then permeated the fern, replacing the original organic matter and turning it to stone.