Petrified Palm Wood Rough Rock Stone Slab Cabbing Louisiana #O2

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Petrified Palm Wood Stone Slab Rough Rock

This natural rough rock Petrified Palm Wood slab is 4.9 inches by 3  inches and slanted from 4 to 14 mm thick.

It weighs .32 lbs and is shown wet in the first two  pictures.

This is lovely Petrified Palm Wood, or Palmoxylon, from Louisiana. In 1976, Louisiana named Petrified Palm Wood their official state fossil.

Petrified Wood is wood that has fossilized; a tree died and was buried by sediments, minerals in the groundwater then permeated the wood replacing it, and making a stone-like replica of the original wood.

This gemstone is the fossilized wood of palm trees from the Oligocene Epoch, about 20 to 40 million years ago.

There are no growth rings in the Louisiana Palm Wood, instead it has a fibrous structure that cut one way produces polka dots, and cut another produces straws. Though usually beige, minerals present in the soil and water during petrification sometimes produced blacks or reds, and even on rare occasion other colors.

Metaphysical Properties of Petrified Palm Wood: Petrified Palm Wood is said to remove petty annoyances and enhance one's connection to earth and nature.