Pietersite Neolite Rough Rock Slab Chatoyant Lapidary Africa #O4

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Pietersite Rough Rock Stone Slab

This rough rock slab of semi precious stone material known as Pietersite or Neolite is 5 inches by 4.25 inches wide and the stone slab is 7 mm thick.

The semi precious unpolished stone slab weighs .42 lbs. and is shown wet in the first 2 pictures.

This material is found near the famous Pietersite claims in Namibia, Africa, and exhibits the same chatoyancy-but it is mostly yellows and browns.  It doesn't seem to have the beautiful blues. 

Some people refer to it as Neolite instead. 

Pietersite is a pseudomorph, a mixture of fibrous amphiboles that were replaced by silica, but the semi precious stone material retained the fibrous appearance. It is well known for its swirly pattern, amazing chatoyancy, and its bright colors of yellows, golds, reds and sometimes blues.

Pietersite was first discovered in 1962, in Namibia, Africa by Sid Pieters. 

Metaphysical Properties: Pietersite is said to enhance clarity of thought.  It is recommended for students and researchers.  Pietersite gives one the resolve to take action, change ones life, and overcome uncertainty and indecision.