Polished Decorator Rock Ruby Crystal & Zoisite Stone

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Ruby Crystal & Zoisite Polished Decorator Rock Stone

This lovely Ruby and Zoisite large piece is sliced and polished on the face, left natural rough on the back.  

The face is 6 inches by 4.5 inches wide and the piece is 1 inch at its thickest.  The ruby crystal is about  3 by 3.5 inches!  It weighs 2.24 lbs. 

There are some natural fracture lines in the face, including one that runs along the bottom edge of the ruby crystal.

Ruby is the red variety of corundum, the second hardest natural mineral known to mankind.   This large nontransparent magenta pink crystal is imbedded in a lovely dark green Zoisite. 

This material comes from Tanzania.

The Zoisite is granular and tends to appear sugary in the rough.  The red corundum is typically a medium to low-grade ruby, which in some rocks exhibits fair to good hexagonal crystal outlines. The black amphibole appears as speckles. 

This material is a striking contrast in color!

Zoisite was named for the Slovenian noble, Sigmund Zois (1747-1819), Baron of Edelstein, whose interest in minerals led to his financing mineral collecting expeditions.  It is said, however, that this mineral, first found in 1805 in Austria,  was originally called saualpite and only later renamed zoisite.

Metaphysical Properties of Ruby and Fuchsite:   This beautiful combination is said to relieve lethargy and boosts physical energy.