Polished Rocks and Polished Slabs

Polished decorator rocks and slabs from natural semiprecious stone.

We custom cut all our decorator rocks and stone slabs right here in the U.S.A. We hand select the natural stone materials from all over the world with the best colors and patterns. We cut pieces from palm size to over 1000 pounds!

Polished rocks and stone slabs are great for decorating your home. If you believe in the metaphysical powers of stones, they can help empower you and help you succeed.  But even if you don't believe, when we surround ourselves with beautiful things, we naturally feel better!

See our page on Metaphysical Information on Rocks and Minerals for some more information on the power of healing stones.

Occasionally rather than polish the stone slab we may just coat it with a polyurethane coating. This gives it a beautiful shiny surface without all the effort of grinding it and polishing it-especially materials that don't take a very good polish. We will always put "coated" in the description if this is the case.

For more detailed information about a particular rock visit our list of rocks and minerals here.