Polished Stone Seashell Rojoverde Marble 2 inch Arizona Rock #1

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Rojoverde Marble Stone Seashell Carved Rock Shell

Rojoverde Marble is named for its striking red & green stripes (Spanish).

This beautiful, hand carved troca or turban seashell is 2 inches tall by about 2.5 inches wide at its base. Very unusual and pretty!

This metamorphic material is found in Hewitt Canyon, Arizona. Marble comes in many different color varieties and has been used since Michelangelo’s day by Sculptors and Architects all over the world.

Marble is a granular rock composed of crystalline calcite grains, it was most likely formed by water working its way through beds of limestone. Marble is found all over the world in many different colors and patterns. The colors are due to impurities present when the rock was changing -clay, sand, iron oxide, etc. Marble is highly prized for its inexhaustible supply and often used in buildings.

Metaphysical Properties: Marble has been used for recalling dreams. It’s thought to help with serenity and mastery and actualization of ones thoughts. It is also used to help in accessing unused portions of the human brain.