Polished Stone Slab Arizona Pietersite Decorator Rock Tiger Eye #O3

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Arizona Tiger Eye or Pietersite Gemstone Rock

This polished slab of Arizona Pietersite is about 4.25 inches by 4.25 inches and the stone slab is 7 mm or .25 inch thick.

This rare semi precious stone material is known as "Arizona Pietersite" because of its superb chatoyant cat's eye effect. It has also been called Arizona Tiger's Eye.

Please see the video for the full effect!

This stone is not the same as the original Pietersite found in Africa, or the different material also known as Pietersite found in China.

This gemstone material is actually Serpentine and comes in several varieties-from gold to root beer to silver flash, and from green to brown Serpentine.

Metaphysical Properties: Serpentine soothes emotions and helps one overcome fear of change and look to the future with anticipation.