Polished Stone Slab Black Jade 7.5 inch Rock Australia #6

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Black Jade Polished Slab Rock Stone

This lovely Black Jade stone slab is polished on one side, natural rough around the edges. It is very hard to photograph!

It is 7.5 inches by 5 inches wide and .25 inch thick.

The Black Jade stone slab weighs .76 lb. and could be recut. It has several natural lines visible in the picture.

Black Jade is found in South Australia near Cowell and also in northwestern Australia. The Australian Black Jade is nephrite jade and is a very fine grain/fiber. This jade is jet black and takes a high mirror polish. It has a red skin.

Although nephrite jade exhibits minor variations in its mineralogy, its important property is its toughness. For this reason it was used for axe heads and knife blades as well as for delicate, durable carvings. Toughness in this context is the opposite of brittleness, and is a quite different property to hardness, which is simply resistance of a material to scratching. Diamond is the hardest mineral, whereas nephrite is the toughest.

Metaphysical Properties of Jade: Nephrite jade is a stone of the heart. It is said to have a beneficial effect on all heart related issues, and all love relationships. It is also considered to be good for emotional balance and stability. Black Jade is considered a protection stone and will keep you out of harms way. It is also said to protect you from infections and illnesses.