Rhodochrosite Stone Slab Lapidary Pink Rough Rock Argentina #O5

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Pink Rhodochrosite Stone Slab Lapidary

This unpolished stone slab of Rhodochrosite is 3 inches by 2.8 inches and 5.5 mm thick. 

The pink semi precious stone slab weighs .18 lbs. and is shown wet in the first 2 pictures. 

These magnificent pink stalactites are collected in Argentina and made into jewelry world wide.  Rhodochrosite has a hardness of 3.5 to 4.

This uniquely marbled stone is a combination of various shades of pink, ranging from very light to a deep raspberry. A manganese ore, Rhodochrosite appears in a banded pattern with various white minerals, often calcite.

Its name is derived from the Greek words rhodon ("rose red") and chros ("color").

Metaphysical Properties of Rhodochrosite:  Rhodochrosite is said to be a stone of love. It soothes the heart and comforts the soul.