Ruby & Fuchsite 2.7 inch Stone Egg Rock Gemstone 68 mm India #O2

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Ruby Crystals and Fuchsite Stone Sphere

This Ruby and Fuchsite semi precious stone egg is 2.7 inches or 68 mm in height.

Lovely teal green Fuchsite with great, rich magenta pink Ruby crystals! The material comes from India.

Fuchsite ("FOOK-site") is a variety of muscovite with a pronounced green color, thanks to the presence of chromium in the crystal lattice.

Ruby is a red member of the corundum family.

Metaphysical Properties of Ruby and Fuchsite: Fuchsite assists in personal interactions, wellness and productivity. Ruby, the stone of nobility, brings forth loving emotions, nurturing, spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth. Ruby embedded in fuchsite is a newly discovered, unique gem that blends the energies of both crystals.