Seashells Stone Carvings

Gemstone seashell carvings invoke memories of cherished vacations.

Sand between the toes, the crash of the waves, the salty taste and fishy smell. Nothing calls to us like the beach.

We at OakRocks have always cherished the beach and we have designed our own line of handcrafted seashell carvings for Beach Decor or Gifts from genuine gemstone materials!

Our carved gemstone seashells compliment any Beach or Nautical Decor. Each one is a one of a kind piece of art! Set them in a grouping on a table or in the bathroom. Use them to decorate your beach house.

These one of a kind hand-cut stone seashells come in many colors to fit right in with your beach decor and color scheme. We have several seashell shapes and gemstone materials to choose from.

Gemstone seashell carvings are ideal for areas where a delicate seashell may not survive. They are heavy enough to use as paperweights. They would make a unique gift for the busy executive to place on their desk to remind them to take time to dream of a tropical vacation.

If you want to remind that special someone of a wonderful vacation memory, these hand carved gemstone seashells make great gifts.

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