Sphere Petrified Palm Wood and Pyrite 2.5 inch Indonesia #O12

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Petrified Palm Wood Stone Sphere Indonesia

This hand-cut sphere is 2.5 inches or 65 mm in diameter, and made from Petrified Palm Wood, Palmoxylon, from Indonesia.

This one has tiny splashes of gold Pyrite!

This gemstone is the fossilized wood of palm trees from the Oligocene Epoch, about 20 to 40 million years ago.

The petrified wood formed when a tree died and was buried by sediments. Minerals in the groundwater then permeated the wood, replacing the original organic matter and turning it to stone. The main mineral is silica, but trace elements in the silica create a variety of colors.

The stone contains prominent, rodlike structures within the regular grain of the silicified wood, which form the characteristic spotted look of palm wood. Depending on how the stone is cut, these structures show up as spots, tapering rods or lines. 

Metaphysical Properties of Petrified Palm Wood:
 Petrified Wood is said to remove petty annoyances and enhance one's connection to earth and nature.