Stone Egg Harquahala Marble 2.25 inch Pink Rock Arizona #3

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Harquahala Marble Stone Decorator Egg Rock

A Harquahala Marble hand carved stone egg. It is 58 mm or 2.25 inches in height and hand cut. The gemstone egg is a pink color with green epidote banding.

Named after its location - the Harquahala (har-ka-hay-la) Mountains in Arizona - this lustrous pink marble with beautiful green marbling, is a metamorphosed limestone. A granular rock composed of crystalline calcite grains, it was most likely formed by water working its way through beds of limestone.

Marble is a metamorphic material and is found all over the world in many different colors and patterns.

The colors are due to impurities present when the rock was changing -clay, sand, iron oxide, etc. Marble is highly prized for its inexhaustible supply and often used in buildings.