Stone Sphere Harquahala Marble 4.8 inch Decorator Rock Arizona #O

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Harquahala Marble Stone Decorator Sphere Rock

This extra large hand cut Harquahala Marble collector stone sphere is almost 5 inches or 4.8 inches in diameter.

It weighs 6.8 pounds!

The lovely semiprecious gemstone material is a pink color with green epidote banding.

Named after its location - the Harquahala (har-ka-hay-la) Mountains in Arizona - this is a metamorphosed limestone. A granular rock composed of crystalline calcite grains, it was most likely formed by water working its way through beds of limestone.

Marble is found all over the world in many different colors and patterns. The colors are due to impurities present when the rock was changing -clay, sand, iron oxide, etc.