Stone Sphere Silver Sheen Obsidian 2.3 inch Mexico 58 mm Ball #OS1

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Silver Sheen Obsidian Stone Sphere Rock 

This beautiful Silver Sheen Obsidian gemstone sphere is 2.3 inches or 58 mm in diameter. 

It has a beautiful flash of shiny silver on 2 sides. 

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass. This glassy, lustrous mineral is found in lava flows. 

Inclusions in Obsidian create different patterns or effects. If it contains patterns of gas bubbles remaining from the lava flow, aligned along layers created as the molten rock was flowing before being cooled, it may have interesting effects such as a gold or silver sheen or an iridescent, rainbow-like sheen (rainbow obsidian). 

In Silver Sheen Obsidian when the material is held in bright light it has a flash of silvery chatoyance or light seeming to glow from within. 

Metaphysical Properties: Silver Sheen Obsidian is a protective stone and wards off negativity.