Web Serpentine Stone Slab Green Lapidary Rough Rock #03

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Web Serpentine Stone Slab Lapidary Rough Rock

The unpolished green stone slab of Web Serpentine is 4.8 inches by 1.76 inches and 6 mm thick.

The lapidary rough rock slab weighs .12 lbs. and is shown wet in the first 2 pictures.

It is lovely webbed light green Serpentine that is a metamorphic rock found in China.

It was formed when water from magmas metamorphosed previous igneous or sedimentary rocks.

Serpentine is said to owe its name either to its serpent-like colors and patterns or from an old belief that the stones were effective protection from snake bites.

Metaphysical Properties: Serpentine is said to be soothing to the emotional body, allowing one to release fear of change or hardship and to look forward to the future with expectation and excitement.