Bruneau Jasper


Bruneau Jasper is a beautiful semi precious gemstone that comes from the remote canyon near the Bruneau River in western Idaho, about 30 miles south of the tiny town of Bruneau.

It is a remote and rugged area, hard to access.

The area was mostly covered by unpatented mining claims. These claims were first filed in the 1950's.  But the BLM has been fighting to close the area off. They put a very high bond on the area and claim that it is in a scenic area and therefore not mineable.

Tradition in the Bruneau area claims that the name Bruneau was either from its French translation of ‘brown water’ or after a French explorer by the name of Jean-Baptiste Bruneau.

The Bruneau Picture Jasper deposit is several hundred meters. The Bruneau jasper flow is the most silica-rich rhyolite flow in the area and is the source of silica that resulted in the predominantly red and brown jasper. But some rare green has been found.

This semiprecious gemstone material also is formed in nodules or "egg" shapes, but they are embedded in hard, solid rock.  The nodules were usually broken when mined.  

Bruneau Jasper is very well known and highly prized.  It  is considered a porcelain jasper, meaning it is very nice, high grade jasper, with a fine grain.

Metaphysical Properties of Bruneau Jasper:

All Picture Jaspers are said to help bring balance to your life.

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