About Us


(aka Barlow's Rocks)

Phoenix, AZ  USA



We have been in the gem and mineral business for 40 years. 

We have sold on eBay since 2004 under Oneofakindrocks.  We are a Top Rated Seller and have excellent feedback-if you would like to see it click here- ebay feedback

Bruce has a Graduate Gemologist Degree from the Gemological Institute of America. He started rock-hounding with an uncle as a kid, joined a lapidary club and competed in club rock and mineral shows, then learned in a Jr. High jewelry class that he could make money selling jewelry to teachers and neighbors! 

We had the contract for collecting rights at the Bagdad Copper Mine in Arizona for several years. We have mined a lot of our own rough rock materials in the past. Anyone in the rock and mineral business knows how difficult it is becoming to obtain new gemstone materials.  Government regulations, mining expenditures (especially fuel cost!) and the cost of transporting or shipping material has made many locations nonviable.  We do search worldwide for unusual, and distinctively patterned, rough rock. 

Bruce does a lot of our cutting and polishing.  He is well known for his great Chrysocolla polished pieces-some as large as 300 pounds! 

We sell everything from cabochons (both designer and bargain), to decorator polished rocks, rough rock, stone slabs, gemstone spheres and eggs, bead pendants, mineral specimens, fossils and more!  


We do sell wholesale!  FIRST you must register for on our website (click the link above on the right!).  Then you must send us a copy of your Sales Tax License (if you are in a state with no sales tax or an international company you may use you business license or proof of a business).  You can scan it or simply snap a picture of it on your smartphone or camera and email it to oakrocks@msn.com. 


We will add you to the wholesale group and when you are signed in you will automatically see prices reflecting wholesale discounts (discounts will vary depending on the item, some items may not be available for a wholesale discount).


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