Meditation Stones and Crystals

Many people use crystal points or gemstone wands in their crystal healing rituals.

Meditation refers to the practice of a self-inducing a mode of consciousness in order to reach a state of relaxation.

Practiced for many centuries, it is often believed that meditation can have health benefits, such as lowering blood pressures or reducing depression. Meditation is often used in clinical settings as a method for managing stress or pain. It is believed by many the meditation can assist one in overcoming dangerous addictions.

It is difficult to trace the history of meditation without considering the religious context within which it was practiced. History suggests that even at prehistoric times older civilizations used repetitive, rhythmic chants and offerings to appease the gods.

Belief in the supernatural properties of rocks and minerals bringing peace, wellness and protection goes back beyond recorded history.

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There are ancient legends that trace rocks, minerals and crystals back to the creation of the Earth and the Universe. The best way to tune into the natural energies of meditation stones and crystals is to hold one or more during meditation. It is believed that some meditation stones induce serenity and can help one reach a meditative state. Other stones known for certain healing powers can be best utilized during meditation. This is because meditation quiets the mind and allows new influences to penetrate the consciousness.

There are many ways to meditate. The most common and simple is to sit comfortably, hold your meditation stone or meditation crystal, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. An alternative is to set the stone at eye level in front of you and gaze into the stone. You may sit in a chair or on the floor, whatever is comfortable.

Another way to meditate is by laying supine and placing meditation stones on your body. There is an ancient Chinese belief in 7 "chakras " in the body. These are considered energy centers. They include the Sahasrara (head or crown), the Ajna (third eye)-between your eyebrows, the Vishuddha (throat), the Anahata (heart/lung), the Manipura (solar plexus)-one hand width up from your navel, the Swadhisthana (genitals) and the Muladhara (root)-the base of the spine. Different meditation stones may be used on each chakra (chakra stones) depending on what healing powers you hope to invoke.