Polished Rocks

Polished Rocks are collectibles, decorator items, meditation stones.

In all civilizations history records the carving and polishing of rocks for tools and adornment.

Beads, scarabs, amulets, seals, even bowls were cut from semi precious gemstones. In the 1400’s real developments began. Grinding wheels were developed, shapes were improved upon, and better polishing techniques emerged. 

Large polished rocks are excellent home décor items.  Polished rocks and polished slabs are often worked into other pieces of art, such as tables, or lamps. Some lapidary rocks can be tumbled, a process that can take several days to several weeks to continually roll around the stones, grinding them smooth and giving them a glossy polished finish.

Most decorator polished rocks must be done by hand, hardness of materials can vary greatly, requiring some skill in handling the material. Saws can be oil or water; grinding wheels can be carbide or diamond. Some materials must be treated or cut with a hardening resin. The lapidary polished rocks need to be taken through several grinding and sanding phases to finish them off. The final step is the polishing, and again you must know what works best on what stone materials. There are more than a dozen types of rock polish on the market, but most cutters rely on 2-3 favorites.

Each finished polished rock piece is a unique work of art!