Animals (small)

We specialize in animal figurines hand carved from stone materials.

Each stone animal carving is unique and they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

In all ancient civilizations history records the carving of stones for tools and adornment. Beads, scarabs, amulets, seals, even bowls were cut from stone. In the beginning, crude carvings were done by striking a soft stone with a harder one. This method later evolved into using metal tools to break away or sand away at the stone. The oldest known animal carvings are ivory figurines dating to 33,000 BCE and found in caves in Southern Germany. These figurines include birds, a mammoth, a horse and a lion. Many Native American tribes, most notably the Zunis, carved animal fetishes that represent the spirit of that animal and are believed to invoke the wisdom and protection of that animal for the owner.

Everybody has a favorite animal. A gemstone animal carving is a beautiful, one of a kind addition to any collection, and it makes a unique and thoughtful gift. We have a large selection of stone animal carvings: from fetish bears, to stone animal carving pendants and necklaces, and stone animal carvings from very tiny, only 1 inch tall, up to about 9 inches. No matter what animal figurine you collect: horses, owls, elephants, frogs, even giraffes-we just might have the perfect stone animal carving for you!

See my page on Animal Symbols and Fetishes for general information on what different animals symbolize or represent!