Sodalite can be found in massive chunks or more rarely in crystal formation.

The massive Sodalite is opaque, but the crystals are usually transparent to translucent. Though it can come in other colors the most desired is the rich royal blue. Usually Sodalite has white inclusions of calcite.

Sodalite currently is coming mostly from Bahia, Brazil.

Discovered in 1806 in Greenland, Sodalite did not become important as an ornamental stone until 1891 when large deposits of high grade material were discovered in Ontario, Canada. It has since been named Princess Blue after Princess Patricia who, upon visiting Ontario some time after its discovery, choose Sodalite as interior decoration for Marlborough House in England.

Sodalite's name refers to its sodium content. Most Lapis Lazuli contains Sodalite.

Sodalite has a hardness of about 5.5 to 6. It generally does not take a super high gloss polish.

Metaphysical Properties of Sodalite:

Sodalite is a stone of logic, rationality, and efficiency. Sodalite is a stone that is good for healing breaches in communication. It is a stone of truth, and brings this to all communications. It is said Sodalite can help end arguments or other disagreements.

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