List of Rocks and Minerals

There are about 5000 identified mineral names, with new ones being added every year, but only about 130 of them are considered "gemstone" minerals. 

"Gemstones" itself is a subjective term that is usually used for all ornamental stones being cut and polished for jewelry. The realm of gemstones is very large. Anything that is cut and polished into a stone suitable for jewelry is considered a gemstone. This includes minerals, rocks (which are a single or a combination of minerals), organic materials, even meteorites. A common way of classifying gemstones is "precious gemstone" or "semi-precious gemstone". This really isn't a correct classification as many gemstones that fall in the semi-precious stone category are far rarer or more expensive than precious stones! For marketing purposes I refer to all of my stones as semi precious, since I do not carry diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc.

There are so many possible ways to arrange a list of gemstones, rocks, fossils, and mineral specimens.  One way of course is alphabetical, but that could make the list extremely long and hard to peruse.  Another way is by types, i.e. quartz. This list would include agates, jaspers and even Tiger-eye.  If somebody didn't know that Tiger-eye was actually a member of the quartz family would they ever find it on the list?  I could list them by similarities such as color, or formation, mineral class, characteristics (hardness), or even location. 

Instead I've tried to sort it in obvious categories: my quartz category is for quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, etc., but I have agates and jaspers each separate because there are so many varieties. All other types I have listed under the Other Rock and Minerals Materials category at the bottom of the list.  

Please see the list above and click on the category or rock or mineral name you are interested in.  

If you can't find what you are looking for, you can always just type the name of the rock or mineral you are looking for into the search box above and then click on the "News & Information" tab to get to the page or pages that give you the most details about that type of rock or mineral. 

For obvious reasons I try to post information primarily about the rocks, minerals and fossils that I sell on my website. To find what I have available for sale in any particular type of semi  precious gemstone or mineral just enter the name in the search box!  

As this list grows I may have to rethink my organization!  Thank you for your interest and Happy Hunting!