Ocean Jasper


Ocean Jasper is from a silicified rhyolite ash flow off the northwest coast of Madagascar, near the village of Marovato. 

It was discovered around 2000 and was vary plentiful at first.

Ocean Jasper was only seen and collected at low tide. The area has no road, so the material was transported to civilization by boat. The mine stretched back about 40 meters into the hill, and it panned out in 2006. No new sources for this wonderful material have been found.

Ocean Jasper was obviously named for its location. Because the Chinese like to call everything Ocean Jasper, the name has been trademarked to only this specific material from a specific supplier.

It is a orbicular jasper, meaning it often displays a pattern of small orbs. Much of it can be translucent-technically making it a agate rather than a jasper. Both are chalcedonies but jasper is usually used to refer to opaque stones. It also often has crystal vugs.

It has wavy patterns or orbs of green-gray, white, cream, beige, brown, pink and maroon.

The semi precious gemstone lapidary material is believed to be from the Cretaceous period, about 63 million to 135 million years old. 

There is a lower grade variety found nearby that is marketed as Ocean Wave Jasper.

Metaphysical Properties of Ocean Jasper:

Ocean Jasper is a calming and soothing stone and it is believed to teach responsibility and patience, as well as aid in regulating breathing for meditation.  It is believed Ocean Jasper will help one become more positive and more comfortable with themselves.

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