Seraphinite (or Serefina), also known as Clinochlore, is a member of the Chlorite group of minerals.

Clinochlore was found by the famous Russian mineralogist Nikolai I. Koksharov.

Seraphinite comes from the Korshunovskaia Mine, which is near Baikal Lake in Eastern Siberia, Russia.  It is a lovely grassy green with silvery chatoyant light reflections.

Clinochlore derives its name from the Greek word klino meaning oblique or inclined and chloros meaning green. The name Seraphinite comes from the Latin seraphin referring to angels, due to the feathery wing patterns made by the mica. It’s the mica that makes this stone appear chatoyant.

Metaphysical Properties of Seraphinite: Seraphinite is said to bring enlightenment and joyful energy.