Finding what you want-Search engines and the SEARCH box

Finding what you want-Search engines and the SEARCH box

Posted by OakRocks on 15th Jun 2015

Tips on how to search my website to find the rocks you are looking for.

Anybody who sells or shops online knows that the current search algorithms on both Google and ebay-and probably on most other “searchable” sites- are broken.  

Maybe the "average" person does need Google or ebay to tell them what they are actually looking for, instead of giving them what they did look for, but you would think they would still offer up some items with your search words!  Of course with paid search now and when the big boys like Walmart buy every word how does the little guy get noticed?  I do sell on rocks and minerals on eBay-but try and compete with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. for exposure of your own website.

I sell a huge variety of jasper eggs on my website. Try searching on google for "jasper egg".  I appear on page 6.  Prior to my appearance is Trip Advisor restaurants for Jasper, AL, Easter egg hunts, and something about getting an egg on Pokémon.  Fortunately a lot of my pictures do show up in the Images.  On my other website I specialize in JUST cabochons.  A whole website dedicated to cabochons.  Try searching for "cabochon" on Google.  Yep, you guessed it-Page 7.  Fortunately if you add the "s" I jump up to page 3 and at least most of the previous listings do have some cabochons.  Image how difficult it is to get placed in the search engines on this site where I carry everything from rough rock, to gemstone eggs, gemstone spheres, gemstone animal carvings and cabochons!  I never did find this site in that cabochon search-so how will my potential customers?  As a shopper this upsets me, because how do I find the awesome sites like mine?  :)

Anyway-enough whining.  What I wanted to share is some tips and tricks to search my website once you find me, to find the rocks and minerals you are looking for.  My site is actually quite searchable:

I have separated my items into categories on the left by shape (i.e.:  animal carvings or gemstone spheres), or type (ie:  rough rock or polished rocks).  Some of the categories with a larger inventory I have tried to break down a little more into subcategories for you.  For instances I have Animal Gemstone Carvings divided into small and 3 inch +.

You can search by a specific gemstone material (i.e.:  Chrysocolla or Chrysocolla egg).  

You can also search by color, shape, and size (ie: 3 inch, 30 mm or small).  Or a combination of these “yellow egg” or “3 inch sphere”.  The site will give you every listing with "3", "inch" or "sphere", but the first  listings will include all 3 words. Since "inch" is a commonly used word, you can narrow your search by using just "3" and "sphere".

My site searches the descriptions too.  So you can search by origin (country, state and even sometimes the mine name), or by metaphysical healing properties (ie: stress or depression).

If you’re not sure how to spell the mineral, the site will offer suggestions as you type.  Start typing “mook” and Mookaite will show up.  Unfortunately if you spell the whole word out wrong, it doesn’t give you the suggestions.  So try just the first 3 or 4 letters.

It is okay to search for single or plural, “cats” will pull up all cats.

And I would like to point out a neat feature-just below the title Search Results there are 2 tabs.  Products and News & Information.  If you are just looking for educational information or you want information, say on the Tucson Gem Show, search the News & Information

Finally on the right side under the cart symbol there is a Show Search Form tab.  This is for advanced searches.  Here you can search a specific category, or a specific price range!

Of course if you hover over the tabs across the top-I offer lots of informational pages on Rock varieties, Locations, Histories, etc.

And if you can't find what you are looking for-feel free to shoot me an email and I'll be happy to try and help you!

Happy hunting!