Gemstone Animal Carvings

Hand carved gemstone animals from natural semiprecious stones.

Man has a very special connection to animals. From early times we have been inspired by their strength, their resourcefulness, and their loyalty.

A fetish is a small stone carving of an animal that is believed to have magical powers or has the ability to protect its owner.

We have an amazing selection of gemstone animal carvings, from collectible elephants, turtles and pigs, to unusual ones like scorpions, cicadas and crabs! Each one is hand carved and therefore one of a kind. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for home décor, collectors, or for gift giving.

See our page on Animal Symbolism for the meaning of a particular animal fetish.

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Combine that with the Metaphysical Powers of the natural stone and what a awesome, in2pirational gift!