Pietersite is not a actual mineral name, it is a trade name given to a mixture of amphibole minerals with a pattern of fibers and colors that differs from those of Tigers eye.

The first Pietersite was discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962 while prospecting in the Nambian Region near Outjo.  He discovered a metamorphic outcrop of several amphibole minerals that display beautiful colors and iridescence and he register the material in Great Britain under the name Pietersite.

Pietersite is a pseudomorph, a mixture of fibrous amphiboles that were replaced by silica, but the stone retain the fibrous appearance. 

Pietersite actually started out as Tigers eye, but under went a dramatic metamorphosis under intense heat and pressure, and repeated earth movement.  The stone was fractured, bent and broken.  The pattern in Pietersite is very swirly, the colors are very intense.  Iron Oxides gave it reds and yellows, Manganese oxide gives it the lovely blues.  When light bounces off the fibers it creates an optical phenomenon known as "chatoyancy", where it appears a light itself is reflecting back from the stone!

Pietersite has a hardness of 7 and takes a very nice polish.

Though Pietersite collectors hate it, materials from other locations have also been labeled and marketed as "Pietersite".  The Chinese material's make up is very similar, but tends to be more gold to bronze, with only a small amount of the famous blue.  The Chinese material was discovered in 1993, somewhere in the Hunan Province.  There is also a small amount coming from somewhere in Russia.

The material known as Arizona Pietersite is similar only in that it also has fibrous amphiboles, but here the host rock is Serpentine.  You can find out more about this material on its own page Arizona Pietersite.

Metaphysical Properties of Pietersite:  Pietersite is said to enhance clarity of thought.  It is recommended for students and researchers.  Pietersite as gives one the resolve to take action, change ones life, and overcome uncertainty and indecision.

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